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Why Choose Aluminium Composite Front Doors?

Posted on 8th February 2022

When it comes to choosing a new front door there are so many things to consider. These include understanding the performance and aesthetic differences between aluminium, uPVC, composite or timber front doors.

The premium door material available is aluminium and Mustang Aluminium Composite front doors offer high levels of security, multipoint locking, contemporary designs, high thermal efficiency, a wide range of colours and are low maintenance. We have combined the best of both, durable aluminium skins on the outside & inside, plus our reinforced polyurethane insulation at the core of the door, giving our Mustang Doors a tremendous U-Value of 1.4 W/m²K. Aluminium is a light but strong metal, which means that our doors can be made taller and wider than standard composite or uPVC doors. Aluminium is a durable material which can be powder coated in any RAL colour to complement your existing doors and windows.

Timber doors and common composite doors are more likely to twist and bow in the heat and in damp conditions, which can make them difficult to open or close. Aluminium doors don’t twist or warp as the strength of the aluminium combined with the high security locking mechanism ensures the door remains in-line with the outerframe. Timber doors need regular maintenance to keep them looking good, whilst an aluminium front door just needs to be kept clean and clear of any debris, just a wipe with a warm soapy cloth from time to time is usually all that is required.

Mustang Aluminium Composite front doors are available in over 60 contemporary designs, with an attractive curved outerframe. Some of the designs feature double glazed laminated safety glass in a choice of clear, satin or satin with clear lines.

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